Who we are

Social Science Marketing founder Carlos Christopher Walker has over 15 years of Marketing and Sales experience. As a Vice President of Sales in his previous venture he was able to scale a new niche startup from Zero to over $2 Million in Sales in a few short years. Today Social Science Marketing is building off of those very same ninja Marketing and Sales tactics to offer small businesses the opportunity to compete with larger businesses by Harnessing the Power of Social Media Marketing.


Social Science Marketing presents a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to gather attention and brand awareness at a scale that previously was only available to larger mega-corporations.


We’ve mastered the formula to not only get that attention for your business but turn that attention into paying customers that will drive your business. The window of opportunity to scale your business has never been greater. Contact us today for a free, No obligation consultation and strategy session.

Our Mission

To serve and add value to every relationship we cultivate. To nurture our customers through their growth. Continuously educating through the evolution of the ever-changing internet technology landscape

Our Vision

To become synonymous with the “Service First” and “For Purpose” business models as we usher small businesses into the new age of branding and marketing through the internet.

Our Philosophy

We believe in valuing relationships over revenue. Focusing on our relationships will ultimately create more revenue and “better” revenue. This philosophy is not only for the customers we choose to work with but with the marketing strategies we deploy. We believe in cultivating loyal customers and valued relational leads.

Contact Social Science Marketing

We offer Free, No Obligation Consultations where we give you the exact strategy we would use to take you to the next level. You can either hire us to do it or implement our proven ideas yourself